Ethos and values


At the Sam Morris Nursery our caring and committed team understand the importance of providing rich early years experiences for future successes. In a safe and nurturing environment we install a love of learning through play, challenge and exploration. Strong relationships are built with families so everyone feels welcomed valued and respected and children’s voices are heard and parents feel supported.


Happiness – secure relationships with key workers to ensure children’s emotional wellbeing and strong relationships with families so individual needs and interests are met.

Security – children, their families and staff’s safety and security is maintained through clear systems for safeguarding, vigilant staff and providing a safe and nurturing environment where children learn to take and manage risks.

Kindness – all members of the nursery community are valued and treat each other with kindness. Children follow golden rules and are encouraged to use good manners to show they care for one another.

Collaboration and partnership – parents are encouraged to take an active role and offer their expertise and take part in nursery life. In partnership we run many nursery events. In partnership with each other we are able to help our children develop securely.

Individuality – children’s interests are encouraged and included in the planning of activities. We embrace the different cultures and experiences that children can enrich the nursery with and promote their understanding of what makes them unique.

Communication – clear communication is essential to the running of the nursery. Daily feedback is given and received at key points in the day. As well as ongoing reports on children’s development from key worker observations.

Community – we are integrated within the local community and provide our families with a welcoming and warm environment to be a part of. We use the local facilities and demonstrate to the children how they are part of the community.

Respect – we treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

Confidence – through a secure and caring environment children gain confidence to explore who they are and feel able to confidently make choices and express themselves.

Independence – wherever possible we model and encourage children to develop a growing sense of independence in their attitudes and abilities.

Learning – through the EYFS, characteristics of effective learning, the children’s interests and from our cultural capital we promote learning through play. Our provision is a based on a monthly topic cycle.

British values – our nursery promotes the 5 British values through our daily practice and Early Years Curriculum.