At The Sam Morris Nursery we welcome children with special educational needs as part of our community and we aim to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity access and engage in the Early Years Curriculum. We work on belief that all children and their families have the right to be part of their local community and to be welcomed and included.

At the nursery we understand the need for sensitivity to the needs and feelings of both the children and their families and will ensure that individual needs are recognised and addressed in accordance to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (SEN) 2015.  We recognise the importance of early identification and assessment of children with special educational needs.  This is particularly important in the area of early years care and education.

We are committed to effective collaboration and multi-disciplinary approach to meeting children's special educational needs.  We will actively support the establishment and maintenance of close links with all agencies working with the child.

The nursery staff are very happy to discuss any concerns or provide additional information to parents and carers.