At the Sam Morris Nursery, we work towards The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS is devised into 7 areas of learning which we use to asses, plan and observe the children’s individual needs and interests. It is implemented by a range of broad and balanced adult led and child initiated everyday activities that support the children's overall development.

The value of pre-school education

High quality pre-school education is known to give children measurable long term social and intellectual benefits. However, these years should not be seen just as a preparation for school.

At the nursery, we have the following aims:

  • To create a happy and peaceful environment, in which children can develop their own personality at their own pace.

  • To encourage each child to develop their self-expression and natural curiosity.

  • To enable the child to develop social confidence, both with other children and with adults, to develop an awareness of the needs of others and of the notion of right and wrong.

  • To provide a firm foundation on which to develop the formal aspects of reading, writing and numeracy.

We recognise parents are their child’s first main primary educators and by working in close partnership children will flourish. We provide monthly observations to parents on which feedback is welcomed and valued. Parents are also given the opportunity to come in and join in activities with the children, help cook, attend outings.

We teach and encourage children to use Makaton to help them communicate. Makaton uses signs and symbols and it is designed to support the development of spoken language. Makaton signs are based on the gestures used in BSL (British Sign Language – the language of the Deaf community). However, unlike BSL, Makaton signs are used in conjunction with speech at all times.

Key persons

A specific member of staff will be given key responsibility for your child offering stability and continuity for both of you. The key person will settle you and your child in to nursery life and will monitor your child’s development to ensure that all areas of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development are being addressed and that your child has achieved a series of personal goals. However, you are able to discuss any aspect of your child’s development as frequently as you wish. The Manager will also be happy to talk to you and a separate office is available for more private discussions.