All meals are freshly cooked on the premises. We incorporate fresh fruit, vegetables and milk into the children’s diet and we encourage the children to experience a wide range of food from different cultures.

We are able to cater for any dietary requirement that your child might have e.g. allergies, parental wishes and cultural diversity.

We do ask parents/carers of young babies to provide any formula milk already made up in their bottles and any weaning food that your baby may need.

Handling cutlery and making food choices are social skills that the children are encouraged to acquire. Small children prefer to eat small amounts at regular intervals and accordingly a full day’s fees covers the provision of breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, tea and a late snack.

Please find below a typical menu.

Date Lunch Special Diets Tea Special Diets
Monday Caribbean lamb with rice and peas
Pineapple and cream
Caribbean Quorn Pesto risotto, cucumber and celery sticks
Fruit, milk
Goats milk
Tuesday Turkey ham and vegetable ribbons with salad and garlic bread
Grapes, Honey, and natural yoghurt
Vegetable ribbons
Soya Cream
Batons of cheese, carrot & cucumber with
Pitta and a variety of dips
Flavoured rice cakes
Fruit, milk
Goats cheese
Goat’s milk
Wednesday Chicken, mushroom & leek pie, boiled potatoes, broccoli & cauliflower
Ice cream
Quorn pieces
Dairy free ice cream
Homemade chicken/quorn noodle soup, bread & butter, biscuit
Fruit, milk
Bread with dairy free spread
Goats milk
Thursday Homemade turkey kebabs with couscous and roasted vegetables
Danish bar & custard
Goats Cheese & milk
Soya Dream
Potato wedges, carrot, cucumber
Salsa dip
Fruit, milk
Goats milk
Friday Cod with parsley sauce, with mash potatoes, peas and carrots.
Strawberry whip
Goats milk sauce Spanish Omelette
Bread and butter
Fruit, milk
Goats milk